Modern Perimeter Fencing System

Solar panel powered outdoor wireless photoelectric beam barrier allows you to create
a robust, portable, cost-effective modern security fencing system

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We offer high quality durable dual, triple, quad photoelectric beam sensors.
Suitable for outdoor fencing applications for yard, garden, farm, villa, house, swimming pool, construction site and more places.

Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Perimeter System Installation

Awesome Features

Solar-powered photoelectric beam detectors requiring no trenching or wiring, they are the best for perimeter security system

  • Eco-Friendly

    Clean solar energy pay zero fee on electricity bill, it's maintenance-free

  • Wireless

    Built-in 433MHz wireless module to work with wireless alarm panels/smart cameras

  • Long Distance

    Dual Infrared beam can travel a long distance up to 100 meters, using 4 pairs can cover the entire premises.

  • Built-in Battery

    Built-in Lithium battery supply power last 30 days, continuously working when encouter cloudy/raining days

  • Weatherproof

    IP65 weatherproof design withstand dust, rain, frost, snow

  • Easy to Install

    Including bracket for easy surface mount installation, "I" and "L" type stainless steel stand are optional for flexible installation.

Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Internal Design

How It Works

Sensor photoelectric beam sensor products utilize mature active Infrared technology

Solar Powered Wireless Photoelectric Transmitter Solar Powered Wireless Photoelectric Receiver

Photoelectric beam sensor usually consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Both parts have optical lens to help Infrared can travel a long range. When photoelectric beam sensor works, the transmitter continuously emitting Infrared beam after travel a long distance to reach the receiver. An invisible fence will be formed between transmitter and receiver, so that can be used to detect moving objects.

Benefits Of Photoelectric Beam

  • Photoelectric beam are easily to install, effective against burglary or entry, suitable for variety outdoor perimeter security applications.

  • Using multiple beams only set off alarm when all of them are interrupted simultaneously, immune to moving tree branches, flying birds, animals.

  • As opposed to other types of sensors for security, photoelectric beam can guard/protect a large area up to 300 meters, no blind spots.

  • Invisible Infrared, modern & beautiful, durable, low-cost product for perimeter protection.

Connected Perimeter Security System

Works with WiFi + GSM alarm panel, control through smartphone app, keep you informed via instant push notification alerts and auto dialing phone call or text message because it has a cellular communicator.

Remote Control

Arm/disarm security system by App/keypad/Call

Prompt Response

Receive instant push alert/voice call/SMS

HD Video Surveillance

Live video monitoring through smartphone and PC

Home automation

Turn on home appliances/lights remotely via app

Wisen Smart Alarm System App UI

Perimeter Security Alarm Packages

We offer different packages which include different controllers and accessories to let you have the right system can fit your applications.

Onsite wireless alert system includes a wireless indoor strobe siren a remote control and a pair dual beam photoelectric detector.
Outdoor onsite wireless alarm system - solar wireless strobe siren,remote control, dual photoelectric beam sensor
Wi-Fi Cellular Wireless Alarm System includes a GSM WiFi alarm panel + 2 remote control + 1 dual photoelectric beam sensor.
Cellular Wi-Fi wireless security system includes a GSM WiFi touch alarm panel two remote controls and one pair dual beam photoelectric beam sensor


  • 1 wireless strobe siren
  • 1 photoelectric beam sensor
  • 1 remote control
  • Simple onsite deterrent
  • Arm/disarm by remote control
  • Plug siren to outlet directly


  • 1 outdoor strobe siren
  • 1 photoelectric beam sensor
  • 1 remote control
  • strong onsite deterrent
  • arm/disarm by remote control
  • solar powered wireless siren


  • 1 X10 Wi-Fi GSM alarm panel
  • 1 photoelectric beam sensor
  • 2 remote controls
  • control by smartphone app
  • Receive notification/call/SMS
  • Control home appliances


  • 1 X9 Wi-Fi GSM alarm panel
  • 1 photoelectric beam sensor
  • 2 remote controls
  • Control by app/touch keypad
  • Receive notification/call/SMS
  • Control home appliances


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Photoelectric beam sensor protect driveway
Photoelectric beam sensors protect farm
Photoelectric beam sensor installed on the perimeter wall

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Case Studies

Photoelectric beam detectors are well suited for substations, oil and gas facilities, transportation, correctional facilities, storage and impound yards, critical infrastructures, industrial complexes and solar fields.

School campus protection


A high school campus in California undergoing a complete remodel, during over a year long construction, students have to move into temporary module buildings were set up on a large area of the campus. In order to prevent HVAC units theft and threat of vandalism, perimeter alarm solution was needed, such a system should cover a large area, also can be easy to install and remove if necessary. A local security integrator chose solar powered photoelectric beam sensor along with Wi-Fi + GSM alarm panels to provide the reliable, inexpensive yet effective way to protect the premises. The solar powered photoelectric beam detectors were deployed to secure the site, when people cross the defense line will set off the alarm, on-site guard will be alerted by strobe lights, also be notified by push notification and call, as well as text message.

Construction site theft


Vanke, the largest property developer in China, selecting photoelectric beam sensors to prevent theft on construction sites. The theft of equipment and materials from construction sites is a growing problem, even these days with the ability to monitor activities via CCTV cameras. The security contractor installed photoelectric beam sensors on the top of fencing system which let security guards know if people climb fence to enter restricted area. The photoelectric beam sensors were integrated with video surveillance system, so that security operators know the location where breach happens. In addition to perimeter security solution, photoelectric beam sensors also were used to driveway alert system. A pair of photoelectric beam sensors were installed in driveway of main entrance, once a vehicle enters the property, strobe lights will alert on-site security guards.

Copper mining protection


Crime in mining operations is mainly characterized by theft of product in refinery to final product stages, hi-jacking style product in-transit theft, explosives theft, copper bearing commodity theft such as cable theft, diesel, material theft from stores, tools and equipment and various smaller but valuable item theft. Zijin Mining Group is mainly engaged in the exploration and mining of gold, copper, zinc and other mineral resources. The company owns 50% share of Lomoa-Kakula copper mines which ranks among the world’s 10 largest copper deposits. Traditional hardwired photoelectric beam detectors were used to provide perimeter protection for miner living areas and other important facilities. Solar photoelectric beam sensors were installed in remote areas, the sensor connects to a wireless alarm panel which relies on GSM cellular service to transmit alarm signals. If people try to enter restricted area, security monitoring center will get notified by instant text message.

Protecting data center facility


Data centers are a critical node for the modern economy, supporting everything from mobile and cloud data to ride sharing to the Internet of Things. Data centers are among the most expensive construction projects on a per-square-foot basis and represent some of the most valuable real estate transactions on the market. Owning a data center, even a small one, is like owning a home - you have to pay for everything and keep up with all the repairs. One of data center belongs to Eastmoney, advocates to use 100% clean energy. In addition to using solar panel to supply power for IP video surveillance system, security integrator selected and installed solar powered photoelectric beam sensors to monitor to protect perimeter of building along with physical fencing system.

Perimeter system for residence


Residence security is one of biggest market sector for burglar alarm system. Photoelectric beam sensors are used to provide outdoor intrusion detection solution. The product offers up to 300 meters long distance coverage, by using photoelectric beam sensors can eliminate the usage of indoor intrusion sensors to help house owners set up an inexpensive intrusion alarm system. Solar energy eliminates the necessary of cable connection, so that you can the system can be easily installed by users, no need to hire a security company.

Protect Electrical Substation


Multiple electrical substations in the South-East China operated by a electric power holding company. These multiple electric substations faced the growing issue of copper theft and damage at multiple sites. The few hundred dollars of copper that being ripped out was causing hundred of thousands of dollars in damage, repairs and down time, while creating unsafe grounding conditions for the electrical equipment. The security integrator decided to protect multiple sites by using modern security system that includes photoelectric beeam detector. The solar powered perimeter beam system enables integrator to setup the units without running power to them, eliminating the need to trench or run cables.

Photoelectric Beam Protects Australian Farms


Your farm and its contents are highly susceptible to theft, whether it’s equipment, plant, fuel or livestock, there is someone out there who wants to steal it. Solar-powered photoelectric beam sensor allows farmers to setup an exciting new state-of-the-art system which provides up to 100m detection distance range. The sensors employ a dual-beam, giving a very high degree of immunity to false alarm. The wireless alarm panels will sound buzzers and sirens, can call your mobile and send you text message when triggered.

Factory Uses Solar-Powered Photoelectric Beam


Solar powered photoelectric beam detectors works perfect for factory/warehouse perimeter security solution. THe product can accurately detect intrusion and eliminate false alarms caused by small animals, rains, or plants. The costs for installing and constructing the photoelectric beam detectors are inexpensive.

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