Digital Smart Photo-electric Beam

Upgraded hardwired photoelectric beam detectors featuring 4-channel selectable frequenies
avoid unwanted crosstalk, better reliability and performance


Modern, upgraded 4-channel selectable frequencies photoelectric beam detectors that most professional installers prefer.

Solar Powered Wireless Photoelectric Transmitter Solar Powered Wireless Photoelectric Receiver

We offer dual beam, triple beam, quadruple beam detectors which can cover up to 50-300 meter outdoor long range distance. All photoelectric beam carries the IP65 high durable structure, which prevents water, dust or bugs from getting into the unit. The ideal optical pitch design reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by falling leaves, birds, and so on. These features deliver performance with higher reliability in severe outdoor environmental condition. The product has LED signal indicator design to make alignment become super easy, detectors have normal open and normal close relay outputs to work with various kinds of security systems including access control, perimeter alarm controller, burglar alarm panel, IP video surveillance system.

Benefits Of Photoelectric Beam

  • 4-channel selectable frequencies which avoid unwanted crosstalk that can occur when using multiple photobeam over long distances or for beam stacking applications.

  • Smart AGC control, reducing IR power when working under fine weather condition, auto increasing IR power when encountering rainy or foggy weather days.

  • LED signal level indicator to easily alignment of optic len, equipped heater terminals to connect PTC resistors.

  • Truly weatherproof/waterproof with gasket desiign, meeting IP65 ingress protection rate, it's highly reliable under extremely weather condition.

Onsite wireless alert system includes a wireless indoor strobe siren a remote control and a pair dual beam photoelectric detector.

ABT Dual-beam Selectable Frequencies Photoelectric Beam

Outdoor onsite wireless alarm system - solar wireless strobe siren,remote control, dual photoelectric beam sensor

ABE Triple-beam Selectable Frequencies Photoelectric Beam

Wi-Fi Cellular Wireless Alarm System includes a GSM WiFi alarm panel + 2 remote control + 1 dual photoelectric beam sensor.

ABH Quad-beam Selectable Frequencies Photoelectric Beam

Cellular Wi-Fi wireless security system includes a GSM WiFi touch alarm panel two remote controls and one pair dual beam photoelectric beam sensor

ABH Quad-beam DSP Selectable Frequencies Photoelectric Beam


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Aleph, one of global leading reed switch, IR sensor, electric sensing component Japanese manufacturers, the company firstly launched ABT, ABE, ABH series photoelectric beam detectors that leveraged active infrared technology. Aleph photoelectric beam products had been widely sold globally, the company had a manufacturing facility in China. Back to 1997, Aleph was hit badly by Asia financial crisis, it transformed itself from a security company to an international company focusing on high-end market. Since then, the company stopped produce ABT, ABE, ABH products. Since Aleph photoelectric beam detectors are renowned by its high quality and durability. As a result, many Chinese manufacturers produce and supply photoelectric beam sensors with model name ABT, ABE, ABH.

We don’t produce/sell Aleph products, we produce and supply photoelectric beam detectors which have our own patent design. The products are better than conventional Aleph beam detectors because we made many improvements over past 9 years.

Basic Knowledge

If you’re residential users with plan to protect your house, typically professional installers will recommend you to use perimeter security system. Because perimeter alarm can deter burglars and alert home owners before they enter into your house. In order to secure your house, users need to use 4 pairs photoelectric beams which will be deployed each side of your house.

A pair of photoelectric beam detector consists of a receiver and transmitter. The detector doesn’t have controller built-in, it can not work standalone. It should work with security system such as burglar alarm panel, access control system, IP video surveillance system. When they’re operating, several invisible barriers will be formed around protected area. Once burglars try to enter the monitored area, beam will be interrupted to set off alarm.

These are hardwired type hardwired photoelectric beams, the detectors have normal close and normal open alarm output can be linked to a wide range of security devices. Please note the detector only output alarm signals, can not be used to the project such as turning on/off lights directly.

Unlike wireless photoelectric beam detector, hardwired detector are more reliable and suitable for long distance connection. Wireless type usually has limitation on wireless transmission range, while hardwired photoelectric beam detectors can be installed kilometers away as long as power supply can meet the standard voltage requirement. There is few option for wireless controller, hardwired photoelectric beam can work with up to a thousand different system or controllers from different suppliers.

Since a transmitter will emit multiple Infrared rays and only multiple beams are interrupted simultaneously will trigger alarm, the photoelectric beam can provide accurate motion detection comparing with passive Infrared motion sensor. Photoelectric beam detectors are pet-immunity, can avoid false alarm caused by birds, swaying tree branches.

Knowledge for Professionals

If you’re a purchasing manager of security company, we recommend you our selectable frequencies photoelectric beam products. Just like outdoor security cameras, our selectable photoelectric beam detectors adopt fully-sealed design with gasket, the product meet strict rules and standards, it complies IP65 ingress protection grade which make it waterproof can withstand dust, window, rain injection. While conventional photoelectric beams are not waterproof, they’re great likely to be damaged when operating outdoor.

Our new photoelectric beam has A.G.C circuit can continually monitor for gradual changes in signal’s strength caused by changing weather conditions, it gains the sensitivity accordingly to maintain weather conditions.

Yes, they are selectable frequencies photoelectric beam to support 4 channel different frequencies, this can avoid crosstalk interference which conventional photoelectric beam often can’t deal with. Moreover, our photoelectric beams allowing users to adjust beam interruption time, it’s possible to increase the time the beam must be broken in order to trigger an alarm. This can greatly avoid false alarms caused by flying birds, falling leaves, swaying tree branches, or animal within the monitored area.

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