ABE Triple-Beam Photo-electric Beam

Upgraded hardwired photoelectric beam detectors featuring 4-channel selectable frequenies
avoid unwanted crosstalk, better reliability and performance

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Triple Active Infrared BEAM

Modern, upgraded 4-channel selectable frequencies photoelectric beam detectors that most professional installers prefer.

Durable engineer plastic material

Modern Perimeter Security System

Photoelectric beam perimeter protection offers the most reliable and cost effective method of protecting critical infrastructure and valuable property.

Durable engineer plastic material
tamperproof icon

Both transmitter and receiver have tamper-proof design

Pet immune icon
Pet immunity

Great pet-immunity ensuring low false alarm rate

Surge/lightning protection icon
Surge/lightning protection

Including surge/lightning protection circuit design

self-check icon

Self-check function to auto detect malfunction of product

ABE Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Durable ABS Housing

ABS environment friendly engineering plastic material housing make it highly durable and can withstand vandalism,extremely durable can withstand high temperature, anti-UV paint coat to against strong light interference.

Anti-white light Interference

Sophisiticated optic lens system can greatly filter white light, the product can avoid being interfered by strong sun light or car head light.

Photoelectric Beam Optic Lens
Photoelectric beam optic lens

Advanced optic lens

Dual layer optic lens structure allows users to rotate 180 degree horizontally, ±10 degree vertical, super easy to get best installation angle under variety circumstances.

Stable Signal Reception

New photoelectric beam detectors use LED segment display to show signal strength, which is more convenient. 0-4 means weak signal, 5-6 means normal, 7-8 presents good, 9 presents excellent.

ABE Photoelectric beam receiver
ABE 4-channel selectable frequencies photoelectric beam

Digital selectable frequencies

New photoelectric beam detectors support 4-channel frequencies selectable to avoid crosstalk interference, it also adopts smart auto gain control (AGC) to increase IR power when encountering bad weather, or reduce IR power in fine weather condition. This design can effectively extend expectancy of product, also reduce power consumption while providing reliable performance.

Product Wiring Diagram

Selectable Frequencies Photoelectric Beam Transmitter Selectable Frequencies Photoelectric Beam Receiver

ABE Photoelectric Beam Detectors

ABE triple-beam photoelectric detector is a new type of intrusion detection detector can be suitable for outdoor perimeter alarm monitoring or protection applications. The products supports selectable frequencies technology which can prevent crosstalk interference, ABE photoelectric beam detectors have many advantages such as low rate of false alarm and nuisance alarm occurrence, long coverage area and distance range. ABE photoelectric can provide you the highest reliable intrusion detection solution since it’s nbot affected by weather conditions or animals action.

ABE photoelectric detector use logic circuit that requires all three beams to be blocked simultaneously before an alarm is generated. This reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by small animals or debris. The product consists a transmitter and receiver, it has surge and lightning protection design to maintain stable operation, the beam interruption time is also adjustable to help installers to fine-tune detection sensitivity. Reducing sensitivity, the detector can reduce false alarms caused by wind or vibration from small animals.

The transmitter and receiver should be installed on the same horizontal level; receiver unit should be mounted on the opposite of transmitter, invisible barriers will be created when the detector is operating. Intruders can be detected when cutting infrared beams (cross the barrier) and alarm will be generated by alarm control panel. Beside alarm control panel, ABE can be integrated with other security systems such as IP video surveillance system, access control system, home automation system.

Technical Parameter

Model ABE-50M ABE-100M ABE-150M ABE-200M ABE-250M
Outdoor range 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m
Indoor range 100m 200m 300m 400m 500m
Detection method Infrared beam interruption detection
Beam frequency selection 4 channel
Interruption period Variable between 50, 100, 250, 500 msec (4 steps)
Power source/input DC10-24V
Alarm output Relay output 1C, DC30V 0.5A max
Alarm Period 2 sec (±1) nominal
Tamper output Normal close, activates when cover removed.
Ingress protection IP65
Operating temperature -20°C – +60°C (-4°F – +140°F)
Alignment angle ±90° Horizontal, ±10° Vertical
Mounting Indoor/Outdoor, Wall/Pole/Beam Enclosure Mounting
Weight 1250g

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